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Our History and Heritage

Growing up, I was always around modified vehicles, and I always wanted to do something with cars as a career. I originally got into window tinting as a teenager, wanting to darken my windows, and before I knew it, I was tinting all of my friends’ trucks and cars. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a business opportunity. Fast forward a couple of years later, I run and operate a successful window tinting business. We are one of the few, if not the only, window tint shop that is locally owned and offers mobile window tint service in the Wilmington, NC area, with over 100 5-star Google reviews to vouch for our work. The best part about my job has always been seeing my customers’ reactions to their vehicles being quite literally transformed aesthetically. Seeing customers fall in love with their vehicles again reminds me why I learned to tint windows.

We’re dedicated to maintaining our status as the premier window tinting company in Wilmington. Choose NVS Customs for your window tinting needs in and around Wilmington, NC. 

Cutting-edge technology for precise tinting results.

Why Choose NVS Customs

Commercial tinting services in Wilmington, NC.

Our Commitment to Quality

We aren’t like other shops – we focus on quality rather than price. We believe windows should be tinted once and tinted right, without any bubbles, peeling, or fading. If you are looking for $99 tint we might not be the best shop for you, but if you care about quality we would love to serve you.

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