2021 Toyota Corolla

This 2021 Toyota Corolla is a popular sedan, known for its comfort and reliability! The customer reached out to us to add some heat protection while keeping the vehicle North Carolina regulation compliant! After thorough consultation, we recommended our middle level “carbon film” window tint package, to cater to the customers’ needs.

2022 Toyota Corolla Before Carbon Window Tinting
2022 Toyota Corolla After Carbon Window Tinting

Tint Specifications:

  • Film Type: Middle Level “Carbon Film” Package
  • Tint Shade: 35% Sides and Back
  • Benefits: UV Protection, Enhanced Privacy, Aesthetic Boost, Heat Protection

Installation Process:

Our experienced window tint installer, meticulously prepared the vehicle for the window tint installation by ensuring both front doors were clean and free of any old window film and or left over adhesive residue. Thanks to the use of our in-house chemicals, alongside our very specific tint removal process, we didn’t encounter any issues when removing the film despite how poor quality the film was. We got our accurate patterns ready for a seamless and professional finish. Throughout the installation process, we maintained the highest standards of quality and attention to detail to achieve flawless results. 


The transformation of this 2021 Toyota Corolla was truly remarkable. The 35% window tint on the sides and back really helped add the privacy the customer was going for, adding a touch of sophistication and style all while remaining legal with North Carolina regulations. Beyond aesthetics, the window tint added significant benefits such as UV protection, and heat protection, creating a more comfortable driving experience for the owner and passengers. Additionally, the enhanced privacy given by the window tint, also helped add security and peace of mind to the customer. 


The successful completion of this project exemplifies our commitment to excellence in car window tinting. From our premium materials, to our meticulous installation process, we ensure that every vehicle receives the highest level of care and attention. If you’re looking to elevate the appearance and performance of your vehicle through professional window tinting, trust our team at NVS Customs LLC – Window Tinting to deliver exceptional results. 




Experience the difference with a professional window tint installation. It enhances both your vehicle’s
appearance and your driving experience.

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